A downloadable HeGotShivved for Windows

After a murder occurs during a blackout at a restaurant, you, the Detective, must discover who the killer is by searching for pieces of evidence and speaking to witnesses. Overtime, you're conversations with the people will assist you in determining who the killer is. 


WASD - Movement

Left Shift - Sprint

E - Interact


Leo Laughlin

Kelly Stragalas 

Assets Used:

Install instructions

1. Download Zip

2. Extract Files from Zip

3. Open NoWindowEditor

4. Player HeGotShivved.exe


He Got Shivved 1.0 597 MB


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Good game although short. Would be great if it were more developed. Congrats for your game guys.

Thanks mate, yes this game along with a few others are part of my rapid prototyping course: Create a game in 2 weeks based around a theme.

Pretty gud game not gonna lie

Hey there detective, I have done some detective work and found out these 4 suspects of Best of the best for today's list of suspects out 112 members of this resturant of itch.io

Join in if you are interested to see more content like this, I am planning to keep doing this daily

Woohoo, thanks for 2nd place!

u have earned it, ur games are actually good, keep it up